The Thre Little Fish

(I rote this story all by myslf with a bit of help from Mama)

Oants opan a time thir were thre little fish.

Won day thar Mama sed to them “Go and make hawsis for yourslvs.” The frst little fish made hir haws owt of mud, but wi? I don’t kno!

But the Big Bad Fish came aloing and saw the haws and sed, “little fish, little fish let me in!”

The little fish sed, “not by the skales on my finy fin fins!”

“Then I will huf and I will puf and blo that little blob of mud down”! So he huft and he puft and he had no brakfast.

The frst little fish got awa.

The frst and secind little fish soon wer playing ches, but the Big Bad Fish kame along and sa the haws and sed, “Little fish, grrrawl (his stimik is grrawling), little fish let me in.” GrrrOWl. He was rele hungry rit now.

“Not by the skales on awr finy fin fins!”

“Then I wil huf a– (grawl)– and puf and blo your spung haws down”. So he huft an- (grawl)– and puft and he huft and (grawl) puft and bloo the haws awa. Yet he did not hav lunch ethr (yiks!).

The frst and seknd and thrd little fish wr bilding with Lincin Logs artifishaly made from drift wud.

And the Big Bad Fish came along and saw the haws and sed, “Little fish, little fish, let me kom in!”

And the thre little fish sed, “not by the skales on our finy fin fins!”

“Hmmm,” thot the Big Bad Fish to himslf. “This wil not be as ezzy as I thut!”

Then insid the haws thir was a hee hee hee. “I riggd up a BIG….” splash…. the Big Bad Fish fell into the pot. The frst and seknd and thrd little fish all sed togathr, “well that’s the end of him!”

And tha livd happly evr aftr.

The end!

3 thoughts on “The Thre Little Fish”

  1. Great work Mark! Your spelling is getting better. I know how hard you worked on this. I am very proud of you.

    My favorite line is where the three fish were building with Lincoln Logs artificially made from drift wood.

    Keep up the great work!
    Love you Handsome Boy,

  2. Great story, Mark! I laughed. I think you are a good writer and although the words weren’t all spelled correctly, I could read it. You do a great job of sounding out.

    Love you lots.

  3. Hey Mark! Great story :o) I didn’t know you were such a wonderful storyteller. You know I have 8 fish here in Cleveland. 2 bettas, 5 platies, and 1 danio. I’ll have to share your story with them sometime :o).

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