Audrey’s toothAudrey lost her first tooth!

She was telling Momma, “Momma, my tooth hurts!”

Momma called Uncle Sam the next morning (if you need a good dentist, call Uncle Sam!).

appt.jpgWe were leaving for vacation and Momma had an appointment for Andrea and Adrian, so Oma took Audrey.

I wanted to watch her get a filling, but instead she got it pulled! The cavity was too far down, much much too far down.

I watched for awhile. But I couldn’t watch when it was time for her tooth to be pulled. Igoing-home.jpg wanted too, but I just couldn’t.

Guess what Momma’s reaction was when she saw Audrey! If you know my Momma well enough you probably know…

Here’s Audreys story:

Uncle Sam pulled out my tooth, because my tooth was hurting a lot.

sleepy-juice.jpgI went to the dentist. I got a big heavy thing put on me. He taked a picture of my teeth. And then I got sleepy juice and I did not like that taste, because it was tasting disgusting! Uncle Sam said my tooth would go to sleep. My mouth was soft by my lips. It felt so soft. Then my mouth felt crazy. It went back to sleep. It went crazy again.

Uncle Sam pulled my tooth. It did not hurt, just a little bit; I did not feel it. Uncle Sam did fine.

I could not eat hard candy or super cold foods. Or hot hot hot hot food. Can I eat bubble gum now?

My mouth does not feel soft now. My tooth does not hurt either.

Now the tooth fairy is going to come and get my tooth. I like to play with my tooth, so the tooth fairy can’t get it.

So…. the moral of this story is… brush your teeth (or go visit Uncle Sam)


(Auntie Angelique took most of the pictures for me. Thank you! Momma helped me a little bit writing this one!)

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  1. Audrey was very brave and Uncle Sam did a good job. Uncle Sam didn’t cry and neither did Audrey. Good job Audrey and Good job Uncle Sam!!!

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