My Weekend 27-29 July Part 1


Frog kissWe saw Reece and Cardin at their new home at Lake Ann. It was fun.

On Thursday we drove up to Michigan. When Reece came on Friday we also saw AJ.

We went to the beach with Reece and AJ. We found a frog. I found the frog, it surprised me. When I noticed what it was, I called Reece and he caught it. We were walking along the river when I saw it.

We brought it back to where the girls were playing. I don’t know if any one else did but at least Casteel kissed it. It didn’t turn into a handsome prince. At least she tried.

Frog evin closerWe let it go. We were looking for crayfish but didn’t find any. AJ did find a leech. Luckily he was the only one who got a leech. He did NOT like having the leech for company. We let it go.Mark snorkeling

I went snorkeling. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t lose my snorkel any time. Momma took me into Lake (Michigan?) and I went snorkeling awhile. Then we started heading back with me snorkeling. I enjoyed snorkeling the most. If you don’t count the frog and playing with friends.

I was trying to get Adrian to go into the deeper water, about chest deep for him, but he did not want to go. He did NOT like the life jacket. He liked to play in the NOT so deep water.

Bech AdrenIt was fun.

After the beach we had fun riding bikes. We went to chapel with all the“Hot pool” Jump Start Campers (Uncle Dave’s group). It was fun. Their confidence commercials were interesting. Some of them were funny. I learned that it must have been a lot of hard work to think them up. Our confidence comes from God!

I will write more later!

2 thoughts on “My Weekend 27-29 July Part 1”

  1. We loved having youand your family up fo ra visit! Teh boys sure miss having you around too. I am glad you had a good time.

  2. MaRK:
    i AM gLAD GOD bleSSED US wiTH GREAT FRieNdS!! I reALLLY eNJOYED watCHIng ALL yOU kIDS giggLE And lAuGH and i ENjOYED giGGLiNG wiTH yOUr MoMmY!I mIsss YOu big!
    loVe- aUNtIE KrISti

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