Snowman news

Humpty Dumpty has another big fall!

Humpty Dumpty was seriously injured  as he attempted to fix a leak on the town hall’s roof.

Little Bo Peep was looking for her sheep and she saw what happened.

“So I looked up and saw Humpty Dumpty, but I didn’t think much as he always falls off of the wall. Then I saw the other snowman come up behind him.” We asked what happened  next but she thought that he was helping Humpty and she rounded the corner and missed what happened next.

“The next thing I heard was Humpty Dumpty yelling so I ran back and saw the stranger going down the ladder and Humpty Dumpty on the ground.”

An amateur photographer was there (this one always seems to be around when this type of thing happens) and she was photographing the building for her website.  She got photos of the attack.

The attacker is named Bob Snow. It is said that he is a cohort of Mr. C.T Dummy who is still at large. Both are very dangerous.

The King’s men say that they cannot put  Humpty together again but he should be fine after a few months of hospitalization at the North Pole.

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