Sasquatch Update

Contrary to popular belief, this was not a bunch of pine branches!  It was real.  But it was not a real Sasquatch. 🙂

My friend, Cardin, brought the outfit. We had thought it would be fun to get some “Sasquatch” pictures.

The outfit is called a ghillie suit (Or a yowie suit. If you want to learn more look it up at Wikipedia).

The reason they are nicknamed yowie suits is because some Australians thought  they looked like a Yowie. A Yowie is a thing that looks like Sasquatch.

2 thoughts on “Sasquatch Update”

  1. that reminds me of the film Lord of the rings!
    Believe it was shot in New Zealand!

  2. Mark,
    Cardin, Casteel and I really enjoyed this post!!:) we have such fun times together!!!
    Auntie Kristi

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