Do you know what type of eggs this nest has in it?


1. There are two different bird eggs in the nest.

2. Grandpa took the picture at Auntie Lauri’s house.

3. I am pretty sure that I know, but I am not telling yet. Hee hee hee, hoo hoo hoo, haa haa haa 🙂 !

Bird nest picture taken by my grandpa

Thanks for the idea Grandpa and Grandma, I love you!

3 thoughts on “quiston”

  1. Mark, this nest is in the evergreen next to my garden, not at Aunt Lauri’s house. I guess I should have said in Esther’s tree. Now tell me what the three eggs are?

  2. Well, I would guess that there is one robin egg. The others look like they could be a cardinal, but cardinals are not nest robbers and neither are robins (even though their name sounds a little like robber). So, unless the cardinal or robin had help, I would guess that the eggs are grackle or a related bird such as a cowbird.

    I think that grackles, cowbirds and blackbirds sometimes like to hang out together. I know they are noisy and annoying. Uncle Sam and I got dive bombed by some of those birds the other day. I think they were having a fight among themselves and were diving all over the place and we just happened to walk into their argument! I had a box in my hand that I put over my head.

    Fun question.

    Love you lots,

  3. Hi Mark! Uncle Sam and I found a cardinal egg the other day so I’m guessing that those are the spotted ones… and Oma just taught me about nest robbing last week soo I’m guessing the blue one is a grackle or related bird.
    take care :o)

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