Oh, Deer!

Today Mommy, Megan and I  went to the park to get pictures. When we got to the park we saw a BUNCH of deer, but getting out of the car scared them. After walking a little while we saw more!! After getting a few pictures they moved a little way so we moved too. Megan was happy so she was cooing. The deer did not know what she was so they got closer and we got a bunch of good  pictures.

We also got bird pictures, we were in  a spot where a owl lives, unfortunately, we did not see him.  Mommy said she probably would not know an owl if she saw one. I said if it opened its eyes she would be very surprised.  Just then two robins started fighting near us and surprised  her!

I think it would be fun to do this again!


One thought on “Oh, Deer!”

  1. I think we should do it some more too. I really enjoyed our walk and time together.

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