New Blog

Andrea has a blog now!  It is here.

She gets one because she is in first grade.  That is when Momma lets us have a blog.

Andrea is going to dictate to Momma what she wants written on her blog.  And I’m –whether I like it or not–will start writing more by myself.   :(   Momma says I have to write more by myself because I am getting older.

Andrea’s blog is not perfect yet, so you can watch it change!

This is what we found as my first blog!  We thought it used to say “Momma held a snake at Nature Nuts.”

The rest of the story is Andrea and I did not want to hold a snake and Momma told us if we held the snake, she would hold the snake.  Momma was thinking “ewww…disgusting”.  She did not think we would do it.  But we held them!

The snakes we held were born at the Naturalist Office and there were at least twelve.  Momma thinks there were 30 something.  Andrea’s snake kept trying to escape, quite the whippyier.  Momma got another one that was not quiet so fast.