Catching up!

At the fair we did lots of fun, fun, fun things.  Otherwise known as FUUUUUNNNNN!

We walked, we ate, we looked at animals.  We also looked at the commercial buildings and the exhibit buildings.“What’s going on here?”

Jumping hurdles


Family Picture

My favorite thing was the tiger show.   We learned that the White Bengal Tiger does not live in the snow.  They are rare because you need two recessive genes (the white ones) because if you have one white and one yellow, you will have yellow!  If you have two yellows (the dominate genes) you will definately get yellow!  At least that is how I understand it.

We found my pictures and a candle that I made in the exhibit buildings.  The candle earned a green ribbon because we got it in late.   The other ones did a good job.  They both got into the one that the winners are picked out of.  The black and white one got Reserve Champion.  I felt “yeah!” and I was surprised.  Very Surprised!   I am going to try the same categories next year.  Also I want to do models, but I don’t know if I will do one.“Capturing Memories”My patio candle

“Experiences in Color”Dinner time!

The tent I shared with a friendThen Wednesday of that week, I went to Webelo Camp.  Daddy came with me.  He was one of the leaders.

I went boating, swimming, worked with pullies, made a catapult–that works!  Daddy got to do everything I did if he wanted to.Trojans preparing to fight!

The last day we had a great big water fight!  We were pretending that we were in a war against the leaders (the Greeks) .  We were the Trojans!  The Trojans won, that does not go along with History 🙂

My Leaders

We did a skit.  Four people were pretending to ride on a bus.  Four people walk up.  “What are you doing?”

“Riding on the invisible bus”What are you doing?

“Where are you going?”


“Can we go too?”


Now there are eight people riding on the bus.  This happens two more times the exact same way.  Then three more people come up.

“What are you doing?”

“Riding on the invisible bus”

“Oh, that one went for repairs yesterday!”

“Which shop?”Oh, that one went for repairs yesterday!

And all the boys who were riding the invisible bus fell down!

“Oh, that one!”

I liked the play.  It was fun(ny) 🙂 !

I hope Daddy and I can go to camp again next year!

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  1. Boy you put a lot into this installment. But you had lots of fun and it shows. Who lasted longer in the water fight, you or your dad?

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