More Monarch Day Care

  • Cage; “Eating” ready to pupulate.  He is big and he is looking for a place to make his chrysalis.  He has been roaming all over the place, especially up, up, up.   Daddy says that “Eating” acts like a dog getting ready to have her puppies.

“Eating” on roof of cage We taped up a quarter of a coffee filter.  We are hoping he will build his chrysalis up on it so that we can move it and not leave it in there.  It won’t be so dangerous for the other one to eat the leaf that he is on.  As always, “Eating” is still eating.  But this time he is eating the coffee filter and tape!Faster trying to catch up!

“Faster” should have been named “Eating” because he is still eating.  He is even eating the stem!  No wonder they demolish the whole plant.  Measured him, he is about 5 cm!

Momma said she could hear them eating last night when everyone was in bed!

Eat one leaf in one day!

  • Blue lid container; spritzed the leaf, both are 8 mm.
  • Peanut butter container;  “Mess” is 15 mm and “Sea” is 2 cm (20 mm)
  • “The Hatchery”; “Milk” is 17 mm and “Weed” is 16 mm.
  • Nursery; Castor and Polex are both 20 mm.
  • Aquarium; still in chrysalis.  I feel like an expectant father waiting for my new butterfly.