Life Cycle of a “Dragon”

Yesterday we went to Science Sleuths and we studied about metamorphosis.  For our craft we had to design a life cycle of something real or pretend.  I made a life cycle of a dragon.

It is not true because dragons are big lizards.  Lizards are reptiles.  Reptiles do not change too much.  They start off as eggs (mostly; some snakes lay live baby snakes) and then when they hatch, they are miniatures of the adult.

Metamorphosis is like a butterfly; egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), and adult. Or a grasshopper which is egg, miniature of the adult, shedding skin, shedding skin, then adult.

Dragon eggNow for the pretend life cycle of a dragon.

First the adult lays  eggs in the snow.  When the egg hatches, it is an interesting lookingLarva with Fire Shooting Eyes larva because it because it looks like a person with three legs and fire spitting out of his or her eyes.   The larva is called a Thinga majigy. Then they have the pupa stage, which looks like a butterfly chrysalis.  It is black, green and yellow.  Then out hatches the adult.  Rather twisted and weird looking at the time.Pupa

There’s two kinds.   One is red and does not live where there is snow.  It is a lot stronger and has three horns.  They fly to a snowy mountain to lay their eggs.  They never see their eggs again.  The young learn everything on their own.

The blue ones are not quite as strong.  They are faster and thinner though.  They live in the snow.   They often see their eggs because they are usually laid right outside their caves.   All their larva is blue.  The Blue Dragons are more populous.Adults guarding treasure

The fire spitting out of their eyes show how strong they are going to be.  The females fight over the strongest male dragons because they want to mate with them.  Plus he is the most impressive.

Both colors turn green as they get older.  Their life span is 600-700 years.  🙂

I read a book called Dinosaurs of Eden by Ken Ham. I liked the book because it explains that evolutions wasn’t true. The Bible is true!

The dinosaurs were created on the sixth day. Not millions and millions of years ago, but about 6,000 years ago. People lived with the dinosaurs, because they were created by God on the 6th day.

It says that the country of Wales has a dragon picture on its flag.

Tamystropheus looks like a snake but most of the body is thicker. It looks like it has a beak. Theres a story about a peasant farmer who killed on of these dinosaurs in the middle ages. That time they do not think it was true. After awhile, they started to believe that it was true.

Dragons probably were what we call dinosaurs today.

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