Maple Sugar

Boiling the syrup downWe made Maple sugar today! First we made Maple syrup (a couple of days ago). We did two batches of maple syrup. The 2nd one we turned into sugar.

Today we boiled it to when you put in in water it turns into hard taffy (250 – 255 deg f). Then we poored it on a cooky pan and mix fast ! (it hardens and sugaratizes quick. )

Shifting the big pieces outWe ground it up to make it smaller. Because it won’t be as hard to eat 8)Candy from pan bottom

We made sugar insted of candy, becus I wonted to. If we wanted candy, we would not boil it as long.

It is fun, but it is hard work. It tastes like maple syrup mixed with sugar! I love the taste! The work is fun, it is sort of worth it. If I had to do this all the time for most of my sugar, I would plant a lot of Maples.

I need help finding designs for boilers becus we want to try it outside next year!Ground sugar

Lumpy Maple candy

P.S We got 2 1/2 cups of sugar!

Minus what we ate 😉


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