Maple Sugar

The other day we made maple sugar. Daddy did it because the syrup gets very very hot, up to 300 °F! We boiled it in a large pot because it some times boils over.  We skim off the foam every so often. When the bubbles get small we know it is almost done so we watch better.

When it gets to 290°F, Daddy takes the sugar off the heat and stirs until his arm gets tired then he lets one of us stir.  We stir until the moisture is gone and then we have sugar. We grind it small in a blender if needed or eat as candy.

It takes a lot of syrup to make sugar. We used three quarts  of syrup (which is about 30 gallons of sap) to make  1859 grams (1.8 kg) of sugar.

  1. How many pounds is that?
  2. How many pounds will Mommy let me eat?

Answers on the bottom

  1. The answer is 4.06 pounds!
  2. Depends where she is and how much attention she is paying to me.

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