Hummingbird Dinner continued


There was a very hungry Hummingbird. So he went to a potato (blech), a lady bug (ohJupiter (from Wikipedia) brother, where did she go?), and then…He flew up to Jupiter! (Do you remember this story? It was started in Two Stories in One.)

And he dipped his beak in the Big Red Spot! Well, as you probably know, Yucky! It tasted like horse radish and chalk; and even more disgusting than that.

So he flew back (it took a looooooooooig time) to earth. Soooo he looked for his house instead of a tree– there was a house! He saw a red hummingbird feeder. Yum! “I want to live here!”

He thinks “that door is open. I might go check there and see if there are any good nesting spots”. So he flew into Daddy’s workshop. He said, “If this is a shed, it isn’t too smelly which makes it seem nicer. It has some nice warm nesting spots, so I might as well nest here. But first I need to check out one of those nice warm looking nesting spots. Ow! It’s too hot. How do I get out?”

He flew around awhile trying to find a way out. He sees my daddy. He flies around, resting every so often, trying to get away from Mr. Humongous. “Hey, I like it in here, don’t make me get out! Oh brother! Don’t hit me! Hey, hey get away from me, not so close! Wait a minute, not so close! Mr. Humongous, what do you ….yipes… don’t try to hit me with that net!”

Fireman Mark to the rescue!He sees somebody all in red. “Don’t try to get me out with all that red! I like it in here a lot! I want to make my nest in here!” (This was before the Hummingbird knew me)

“What’s that big blue thingamajigy? Why are you hanging it up?” (Daddy was making the room smaller with a blue tarp). Later…. the humingbird is breathing hard….”you want me out so much, I will just land on your head and you can walk out!” (That’s a good idea, isn’t it?)

“Ah, much better for may aching wings!” Then he flies away, builds a nest to attract a girl friend, and eats lunch.

How do I (Mark) know this story? The hummingbird that this (pretend) true story is based on told me it. He has been telling me too many stories already, and has never told me his name yet. Our friendship is based on the low cost food that we provide at Bird Restaurant II. (There are three of them presently.)

Larger than life HummingbirdHe is married to the most beautiful hummingbird girl you have ever seen. They are expecting their first babies soon.

Here is a picture of him at his favorite outdoor restaurant.


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  1. Nice story. Hummingbirds are pretty and fun to watch. He was probably pretty scared when he got into your daddy’s shop and saw you and Mr. Humongous, and the big blue thingamajigy.

    Love your stories!
    Love you,

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