Haitian Fried Plantains

PlantainAuntie Josette and Auntie Nicole taught me how to make fried plantains.  Plantains are like bananas but firmer.working

They are good with hot sauce on the side or crema, according to Auntie Josette.  I have not tried them with creama ( I don’t know what creama is) a or hot sauce yet–I think she meant more Tabasco Sauce.

  1. Cut and cube Plantains. You could also quarter them.
  2. Add Tabasco sauce and salt to tasteSaute
  3. Saute’ until golden
  4. Drain on paper towel
  5. Let cool just till you can eat them
  6. draineat

3 thoughts on “Haitian Fried Plantains”

  1. Hi Mark we loved reading your post this morning. Nicole says crema is more of a mexican thing. Every culture has there special way of cooking banana’s! I prefer sweet plantains. You make them the same way as regular ones only you wait until the banana peel is black to cook them. umm umm good!

  2. Mark–
    Plantains ARE bananas. The difference is that when the banana is GREEN it is Starch like a potato, When the starch turns to sugar then the banana ripens (or rots according to others). If you like Plantains let me know!! I get one case of them each month for the nuns from Uganda. There are MANY things you can make with plantains! Do you like them? If you do, when you come here, I can see about having you get a traditional Ugandan (East Africa) meal.

    Love Ya!!
    Uncle Joe

  3. Mark–
    There is a way that plantains can be cooked that make them like banana chips!! Sr. Christine made some for our Seminarian Martin! He will be coming up to Elkhart with me when I come on either Sunday night or Monday morning!

    Uncle Joe

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