First Snow of the year

snowDespite what others have claimed, WE got our first snow today!  I am getting ready to go outside right now and enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “First Snow of the year”

  1. Congratulations on your first snow!!

    I have a friend that is studying to become a priest, this is his FIRST TIME EVER to experience cold weather or snow!! It will be interesting to see if he likes it! He lives in Uganda so it is always warm (in the 70s and 80s). They have two seasons, rainy and dry. During the rainy season it rains every day during the dry season, they get no rain at all! That would be fun to visit and experience for a while 🙂

    Take care and be GOOD!!
    Uncle Joe

  2. Waiting for snowman snow so we can make a snowman. Think Frosty will come back this Christmas?

  3. Reece ran outside barefoot this morning to push together his first snowball and throw it! We had a VERY LIGHT dusting on the ground. Only Reece would find enough for a ball! The first big snow he’ll run around the house barefoot-at least that’s his tradition.

  4. That sure sounds like Reece! It doesn’t sound fun, but is sure sounds COLD! Hoping for a big packing snow storm. (Momma says as long as it is not on the driveways or roads, that sounds great!)

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