Guess what I saw at the Park today!

BeaverI saw a…
otter beaver !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I saw it first. I never saw one their at the park.

Water SnakeI did see a garter water snake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it took me a while (that otter be weird 🙂 )

swallowtailBlack Swallowtale


turtlePainted Turtle

Monarch ButterflyMonarch Butterfly


and flowersWhat flower is this?

Do you know what these flowers are?

6 thoughts on “Guess what I saw at the Park today!”

  1. Mark, you forgot to mention the Golden Lab named “Nitro” who exploded all over according to his owner. You also forgot the catbird, the cardinal, the White Sulpher butterflies, all the bees and most of all—all the MOSQUITOES we found 🙂

    You did a GREAT job finding and identifying so many animals today. I enjoyed our walk very much. Thank you for taking the time to explore with me.

  2. Good job Mark, so much of God’s creation to look and marvel at. I tried to find the flower but couldn’t, thought maybe a Hyacinth but the leaves are wrong…..keep up the good work……..

  3. Hi Mark!
    The turtle was a painted turtle-because of the way the yellow dots look. The snake does not look like a garter snake, because it’s stripes don’t line up right. Let’s try to figure it out! This summer, I caught a hog nose snake that was going up a wheelchair ramp into a Tamarac cabin-when it went inside, mommy told me I could catch it. We named it Constricto because it would constrict your fingers. It opened it’s mouth like it would bite-but it didn’t.
    It looks like a good day at the park, I wish I could have gone there with you. Thanks for sharing your day! Bye, Mark!
    I miss you- Reece

  4. Reece, I crossed out the “garter” because I was being silly. I think it is a Banded water snake. They are nicer than Garter Snakes, Miss Krista told us that they were more harmless then a Garter Snake.

    Not “Gardener Snake”, Momma! 🙂

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