Four Stories in One

Group pictureThe Maple Syrup trip

Mark drilling a “pretend” Maple treeLast Thurs we went to someones house and she made maple syrup. First you find a maple tree and you put something (I do not know what Thar called) and you drill (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz) a hole in the tree. I am drilling a hole in a “pretend”Pounding in the hose tap Maple tree. Jonathan is putting a spigot and hose in the tree. “You won’t get any Maple syrup out of this kind of tree!”

Maple tree’s bark is apposite of this tree. It is a oak (I think).

You can NOT youze the same hole each yer bekuz it scars over.

You find a maple by its bark (woof! woof!) Or Look for the mark from last year!

You put a bucket over (Clank! 🙂 ) and you WaiteOpen bucket with tap. And soon you can take the bucket off (oh ufff!) and you boil it, boil boil….. soon you git mapleWatching sap boiling syrup. MMMMM.

You need 40! gallons of maple sap to make 1 (ONE) gallon! That’s a lot! We are not going to git a lot from ar yard.

Audrey says, I like maple syrup. Here is her story.

There was two puppies, no three. There was a white puppy and Spicy (Cinnamon). There were two puppies. I thought Spicy was so soft.

Audrey walking with BrooklynnI played with Brooklynn and Bridget. I played tractor. We was going to be on the green one but we couldn’t find it, it was in the garage.Audrey playing with Bridget

It smelled like a fire. We had some Maple Syrup to try. I liked it! It taste like warm maple syrup.

Here is Andrea’s story about going. We go to a Maple Syrup Festival. A family made it in the middle of a Andrea tasting freshly made syruphouse (their property).

We got to play for a few minutes in the little house. There were three brooms, one for sweep the inside, and one for sweeping outside on the boards. The was a kite. It was broken.

They made the syrup in a little building. It smelled like Maple Syrup. I liked it.

We go for a little walk in the woods. I played with Hope and Bryden, and Audrey anJust a little too close to the mudd Hannah.

I got traped in the mud bekus I was walking thru it!

Mark said that I should write something about the trip. It was a lot of fun and the weather was very pretty on Thursday. Mark forgot to mention that we were told that you can collect different tree saps and boil them down. They won’t taste like maple syrup, but some are good. I forget which ones though. Also, unless you like woodsy taste, stop collecting the sap when the buds form on the Maple trees. The taste is best before.

It was a fun trip, and my favorite things were when the girls were playing in the play house and said “No boys allowed! Except for Mark. He can be Daddy.” I also laughed very hard when Mark got distracted playing with his stick and went into the huge mud puddle.

Buggy and Horse

We like watching horse and buggies as they go past. We passed this one on the way home.

Today I learned to yous spellcek.

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  1. Wow Mark Sounds like you and your sisters had a wonderful time learning about Maples. Do you have any Maple trees in your yard?

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