Cumpleaños Feliz, 11 November

Happy late Cumpleaños Uncle Josh!Uncle Josh

Feliz, feliz en tu día,
Amiguito(a) qué Dios te bendiga,
Y qué reine la paz en tu día,
Y qué cumplas muchos más.

Happy, happy on your day,
Friend, may God bless you,
May peace reign on your day,
And may you have/complete many more

Happy “veintiuno” birthday!

Uncle Josh is my uncle. He is the youngest brother of my daddy.

He is very silly. In the summer, when we play outside, we race each other. Sometimes, when I race Daddy around the corner, Uncle Josh jumps out making me jump. Then we start wrestling. Soon he is chasing me down the hill and we start wrestling again. Eventually, I find myself on my back, my hands pinned to the ground and Uncle Josh is tickling me. Hee hee!
I don’t know much about his school, Grace college. Uncle Phil was a student there too. It is close to our house, but I am not talking close. Uncle Josh wants to be a teacher. He knows espanol (spanish). He is good at it. We will probably see him again for Christmas.

Cumpleaños Feliz,
Cumpleaños Feliz,
Te deseamos todos,
Cumpleaños Feliz.

Happy late birthday to you,
Happy late birthday to you,
Happy late birthday Uncle Josh,
Happy late birthday to you!

I love you Uncle Josh. Save some birthday cake for me!