My family all went into the voting building. Momma and Daddy showed an older lady their drivers license and signed up. The lady found their names and they signed their names in cursive. Daddy signed his name first and then Momma signed her name. You are only allowed one vote per person. You have to be 18 years old and a “legal resident”.

The ballot was a piece of paper, about the size of the screen of the computer. In the comic Foxtrot, the youngest boy was dressing up like a voting computer. He says that “it can easily be hacked, and that’s scary”. I was glad for the sheet of paper. Daddy said “right!” Momma said that “sometimes comics can be helpful.”

Names of the people that wanted to lead the government were on the ballot. Daddy put dots on the circles he wanted. He got done first. He put his ballot in a big mechanical box. It gobbled it up. The ballot box counted the ballot and it spit the ballot out and then swallowed the ballot.

Then Momma got done. Hers was different. It did not spit the ballot out, it just gobbled the ballot up. Momma’s ballot was the 270th one in that box. Daddy’s was 269.

We vote so that people’s marriages would be limited to one man and one woman. We vote so we can choose someone who we believe will lead us well. We want someone who wants to obey the Bible; that is hard to find.

I want people to go and vote for someone to lead our country well. Andrea (my sister) said voting “was too short”. Will you go spend a little time and go vote today?

All this voting reminded me of two things.

Where do Polar bears vote? (answer soon)

In a book called Duck for President, the duck is elected Farmer. But Farmer Brown demands a recount. One sticky ballot is stuck to the bottom of a pig. The ballot was for Duck. He made it all the way to President! Hee hee! It is a silly voting story. Maybe you can read it from the library. I recommend it.

P.S. Polar bears vote at the North Pole!

3 thoughts on “Vote!”

  1. Mark, I am glad that you got to go watch your parents vote. It is an interesting time. When I was your age, the voting place was at our school. Great Grandma was one of the people who helped with the voting. The people would go into this big box-like thing with a curtain. They would pull the curtain so no one would know how they voted. Then after they marked their paper, they would put their ballot into an envelope and put it in the slot of a wooden box. At the end of the voting day, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa and sometimes other people would take the box into Colorado Springs where the votes were counted. I liked voting day. The high school students sold cookies, cake and other good things to eat that day to raise money. It was a fun day.

    I love you.

  2. Hi Mark, Nana and Papa took Georgie to volt too, oh, that is the wrong vote wasn’t it? We did the same as your mother and father did and the machine took our papers like your mothers. It was a good day to vote. Love ya ME and HER

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