Rustle Rustle. Eight coyotes walk across a dry buffalo waller. As they cross it, one of them smells Pronghorn. They follow the smell.

The Pronghorns are grazing quietly when suddenly, a coyote leaps out at the closest one!  The Pronghorn kicks it and the rest of the coyotes attack! The other Pronghorns leap away to safety.

Later, a mouse nibbles on a partly eaten Pronghorn. A raccoon walks up and starts eating. The mouse hides. The raccoon takes another bite right where the mouse is hiding. Crunch!!!!  The raccoon has accidentally bit the mouses body off.  Soon the raccoon walks off and a Coyote, who  returns after looking for something better then day old  Pronghorn, pounces on the raccoon.

Here is the real story. At our house we find  raccoon skulls,  we have at least two. One day I was exploring with my friends the Seller’s and we found a deer  skull –it turned in to a Pronghorn in this story.  When we went to Colorado Uncle Bill gave me a Coyote and a mouse skull.

A few days before we left Colorado, we went exploring to get neat pictures of the Coyote skull. We saw dog –or were those Coyote?– tracks. When we got back to where we were staying,  we learned that Aunt Francis had just called to tell Oma that there were seven coyotes nearby in Aunt Catherine’s yard!!! She said not to let the kids play outside.  We had not seen the coyotes, but we did see lots of really good tracks!