A very special day, 9 September 2001

Andrea and her cake

Andrea and her brownie cake
Why is it a special day? It is Andrea’s birthday. Andrea is my sister. As the title says, her birthday is the 9th of September. She was born in 2001.

I think that Momma told Daddy to hide Andrea behind the door when she was born when I came to come to see her for the very first time. Momma thought that I would say “hi” to her before I wanted to see Andrea. But, I tricked her. I came in, looked around the room, and said “where is my baby sister?. So Daddy got her out from behind the door. I said “hi” to her and and then went to say “hi” to Momma.

I wrote a story about Andrea when she was four months old. I was four.


15 January, 2002

Andrea got shots. She got band-aids. She cried. We goed home.

Andrea Renee McGuire is my baby. She is four months old. When she was in Mommy’s tummy she came out. She was in a bubble.

Sleeping with her daddy. Andrea and her daddy are sleeping on the couch. Because they needed a rest.

I love my baby.

The end.

Andrea is special because I like to watch her dance. She makes up pretty dances. They are some of my favorite dances to watch. She likes playing Mommy and Daddy with me. I like how she talks to her babys; like Momma. She says special things to them, like “I love you” and she sings “Jesus loves me” and other songs. Even if she wasn’t my sister, I would still love her because she is beautiful. She is so sweet and nice.

I love you, Andrea. Happy 5th Birthday!



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  1. Mark, I love you and your sisters and even your little brother. Happy Birthday Andrea……

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