Hello. My imagination is pretty neat. It just adds a lot of fun into the family’s life. Today I’ve been pretending I’m a person who is breaking codes and making codes.

My sisters pretend to be dancers. I sometimes pretend with them, but usually just watch them.

We have been reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (by Ian Fleming) . He sure used his imagination! He made a car that was magical. It could fly! It could turn into a motorboat. It could track down other cars.

Like when Jeremy and Jemima where kidnapped by Joe the Monster and his gang. They had to go and buy some candy from Monsieur Bon-Bon. And when he turned around to put the money in the cupboard and give them their change, it was the gangsters’ plan to attack him.

Everything turned out all right. Read the book yourself to learn what happened.

Bye Bye!

4 thoughts on “Imagination”

  1. Mark, how did you get Momma to hold that snake? I’ll bet it was Adrain who told her to hold it?


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