A true story (sort of)

Once upon a time Harold got a BB gun for Christmas. Harold was a little boy. Well, not exactly little; more like ten, eleven or twelve. He had dark hair; loved to get into micheif and loved horse and buggy toys and army men. He loved having stitches most of all!When he went on vacation he went to his aunt’s house in the UP of Michigan near Mana something. He would take a train and went over the Mackinaw Bridge. He went with his Ma.

One day he had a pocket knife and found a big fallen down tree stump which was tall. He whittled a target and practiced his aim. He did very good. He missed–out of 20 shots–two times! He hit the bulls-eye the rest of the time!

He brought his BB gun to his aunt’s house. She did not like noise, so she did not like guns because they are loud. Well, she did not like guns, so he hid it in the two Holder outhouse. He hid on the shelf in the outhouse under some bottles and thing a ma jigs.

His aunt found it later on and threw it down one of the holes. It was a very deeeeeeeeepeee hole. He was very sad. He liked his BB gun lots. It was his favorite present. He had heard a splash and she scolded him for bringing it.

He played with his pocketknife the rest of the summer which is very very quiet…

The true story is, that one day Grampa put his BB gun in a out house. When His aunt found it, she threw it down the hole. I expanded the story because there wasn’t enough!

Can you tell me some of your silly stories?

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  1. Mark, a couple of things to add to your story. Harold took a Greyhound Bus to the Copper Country and he had to take a car ferry across the Straits of Mackinaw because there was no bridge yet. He bought the BB gun and it didn’t make much noise, his Aunt was afraid of guns and didn’t like them. His Grandmother took him up north when she visited her sister and brother. The Mackinaw Bridge opened in 1957 for Deer season, and Harold got to watch them work on building it.

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