Yesterday, Mama FORGOT HER MATH!!!!

The question was “Half of a gallon is a half gallon.  Half of a half gallon is a quart.  Half of a quart is a pint.  Half of a pint is a cup.  A cup is what fraction of a quart?

Mama said, “1\12”.  I said, “1\4”.

I was right.

3 thoughts on “(:”

  1. First off, I said the answer was 1 1/6 🙂 not 1/12.

    If I try defending myself will you tease me more? I thought it wanted to know what the fraction of a gallon was. I guess it is a good reason to “Pay attention to detail!”

    Good job with your math Handsome boy. You are doing so much better! I am proud of how well you are doing.

    (Even when you tell the world of my mistakes!)

  2. there are 4 cups in a quart so 1 cup is 25 % of a quart so who is right, Mama or Mark?

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