Meteor Shower!

Momma woke me up (not exactly woke me up) it was more along the lines of brought me upstairs about 3:00 a.m. That was LATE.

Momma carried me upstairs. We went outside out the front door. Then we waited and looked. It is hard to find meteors!

I saw a lot of small ones. There was mostly small ones, but I saw two REALLY good ones. I enjoyed them and liked them.

We sang Our God is an Awesome God, so that I would remember that it was real and God did it. If we were the only ones looking at it, God would still have done it.

Momma helped me find them.  We had fun!  The meteor shower is called Perseids and it happens every August. Last night was a good night to see it because it was supposedly dark because the moon was new. Our sky was bright 🙁 .

Here’s a website that tells about it and some other neat things this month.

One thought on “Meteor Shower!”

  1. Just wondering Mark, did you or your mom try taking any pictures? Hope she let you sleep in after getting you up in the middle of the night……….

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