12 August is…

..not a birthday. It is an anniversary .
Guess how long Mama & Daddy were married?

Momma and Daddy’s invitationHere is the invitation …Wedding picture

Here the wedding picture…

Here is the latest picture…

When I look at the latest picture, I think YUCK! Disgusting!

Most recent picture

8 thoughts on “12 August is…”

  1. 1995! WoW! That’s a long time ago! Can you remember that far back Mark? I barely can. But I do remember something about a pink tie and cumberbun. woah!

  2. Mark, your mom was never one to get dirty when she was a little girl. Always prim and proper. Now, your dad has changed her, teaching her to make mud pies and cakes, hope her real cooking tastes better…….

  3. I didn’t want to tell you 12 years, because that will start making your mom and dad old…….

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