Very Interesting News Article

I learned about this first from Oma.  Her brother sent an e-mail to her, that’s how she learned about it.

ABear rescued from bridge bear was saved from Rainbow Bridge, in California by Route 66 sign. A bear had fallen and caught himself (or herself) to safety. Later, the next day, some people had a net under him (0r her) and shot him (or her) with a trans (whatever gun). He (or she) fell into the net and he (or she) climbed out when they got the net to the bottom. Click here to see where we got this picture from.

Click here to go to the rest of the story.

I learned that Rainbow Bridge was built in 1925 near Lake Tahoe near California. The capital of California is Sacramento. California is west of us. If you go west of California you will get to the Pacific Ocean.

Silly me, when Momma said when the bridge was built (because it says above the bear) I thought she said the rescue was when the bridge was built. I asked her “how did they get the colored pictures?”

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  1. Good story Mark, how would you have liked to been the man with the rope pushing the bear into the net?

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