Two Times Passed in Secret!

Last year, Momma and I decided to try to get a higher ham license then Grandpa. He only has an Advanced, so we secretly took the class for General in July 2010. I PASSED and kept it a secret for almost a year 🙂 !!!!!

Since there is not a class for Extra, we practiced at home. I took the test a week ago and PASSED again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, for Grandpa’s birthday, we made a shirt to tell him. He was surprised because we did it all in secret.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Grandpa

Happy birthday to you.


3 thoughts on “Two Times Passed in Secret!”

  1. Great job, Mark!!! Which was harder: Passing the tests or keeping it a secret?

    Love you and proud of you.

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