Sitting on nestRemember a few days I told you about Momma Robin? She is hoping to have triplets! Triplets expected Yesterday we discovered it. Today we are going to go check again.

Robins usually stop at four, but if a bird watcher collects her eggs to put in incubators, she may have more! She lays four because they can’t care for many more babies. She will lay eggs until it “feels right” according to an article we read.

The dandelion picture we took after we took the pictures of Momma Robin and her eggs. I thought you might like it. Daddy pays us a cent per lion, so I am collecting them and blowing on them for more pennies! So the dandelions grow and I collect more for my camera that I am working for. Momma says this is called “job security!”

Planting seeds for Daddy

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  1. Your Dad will have to give you 2 cents for the yellow ones, and only 1 for the white ones!

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