Syrup time!

Today we are boiling down sap again.

It is fun and it counts as school:

  • Math (6 gal +6 gal + 3 gal +3…)
  • Gym class (run check the sap… …run get wood… )
  • Science
  • History (read books like Little House in the Big Woods)
  • English (If Momma lets me blog about it)
  • Home Ec (learning to cook)
  • Speech (when we have people come over and see what we are doing)
  • Character (Patience!)

This time some of the sap froze and it looked neat!

We will boil all day so we will be outside all day :)  Good sap looks like water (or water with ice in it). If it gets cloudy or yellowish, throw it out because it is going bad.

Momma and Daddy will finish boiling it inside later. When the “suap” (syrup/sap) gets “fish eyes” it is almost done!

They will let it settle overnight so the sugar sand settles to the bottom and we can strain it easier. Then they will pour it into sterilized jars to enjoy all year!

We got almost a gallon of syrup the first time we boiled this year! We are not sure if we will make more syrup or sugar this time. We need lots of both.


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