Swaziland October 13-17

We are here! We stayed in South Africa the first night then we drove to Swaziland. We stopped at a gas station that had some animals behind it.

When we got to Swaziland we went to a glass factory. They had peacocks and weaver birds that I took some pictures of.

On the 17th Opa and I went to the transmitter site. I will probably write longer blogs later when I am more on the right schedule.

2 thoughts on “Swaziland October 13-17”

  1. Glad you are enjoying yourself. There are many things I recognize, in the refrigerator, but I do not see here in Benin. Glad you could get a nice picture of the Jacaranda. That is not so easy to photograph. Lorraine

  2. Thanks for the picture of the Jacaranda Tree! I think it is so pretty! Can you get a picture of the whole tree with the background too?

    I really miss you. Thank you for sending me flowers tonight.

    P.S. Thanks for the peanut butter too 🙂

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