October 18, Going bananas!

We went to the store today. Afterwards we picked up some grilled corn. It was good, not sweet but I like it more then sweet corn.



I also took some pictures of the plants around where we are living.

And bananas!

2 thoughts on “October 18, Going bananas!”

  1. Hi Mark
    Daddy likes the regular corn better too.
    I like Flowers and the view. They are vary pretty.
    I love you and miss you.

  2. Hey Glad Mark arrived safely. I really am enjoying the pictures!
    That green fruit apparently sticking out from the plant stem looks like a papaya. it turns yellow when ripe and the seeds are thought to be great for eliminating intestinal parasites.The male and female plants are separate. The red flower (very close to a flower) is a hibiscus or shoeblack, as we call them here in Jamaica . Think I also saw beloved prickly withe (the cactus)…. and that palm tree slightly resembles one we call the “macca fat”, but i’d have to check……. reminds me slightly of Jamaica.

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