Stay out of here crows!…

…”Any bird of brain will know you ar only stuffed with straw ” (leaves)

we made a… guess …(hint 1) s-k-a-r-o (hint 2) c-r-o-w!Strongest Scarecrow in the World!

We had raked the leaves. Adrian did not want to play in them. I played in them. I made myself a scarecrow! I am the Strongest Scarecrow in the World!

W. W. Denslow’s Scarecrow, Dorothy, and Toto 1900 (From Wikipedia)We are reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum. Here is a picture of Dorothy and the Scarecrow. W. W. Denslow drew the picture for the first printing. The picture is very artistic! I like it!

I am not going to tell you lots of it, because I want you to read it. The Scarecrow’s name is Scar-a-crow. Dorothy’s dog is Toto. Dorothy is Dorothy. “I want some brains”, the scarecrow says. He was made “only the day before yesterday.”

They meet up with a tin woodman (named the Tin Woodman). He became a tin woodman because he was a real man. He fell in love with a Munchkin. A witch made his axe magical and he kept cutting parts of him off. The tin tinker kept making tin body parts so the woodman could keep working. Eventually, he became all tin and forgot to oil himself and rusted!

They also meet a lion called the Cowardly Lion. He was born cowardly. He always was a lion so probably did not go through much changing. (Unless evolution is true, then he could have evolved from mud)

Lazy ScarecrowThey are off to see the wonderful wizard of Oz! Momma says the book is different than the movie. I like the book!

We made our own scarecrow. I hope when you read the book, you like it enough to make your own scarecrow. Please send me a picture if you do!

Scarecrow and friends

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  1. Hi Mark, the Strongest Scarecrow in the World. I am really impressed with how your Scare-a-crow turned out. “He” startles me a lot when I look out our front window and see someone leaning up against our tree!

    Great Job!

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