Song to Annoy your Parents in the Fall

Punky Pumpkin

Punky PumpkinI’ve got a friend who’s big and round

and all so golly gee whiz

lend me your ear and you will hear

just who this fellow is.

Punky Pumpkin the happy pumpkin

happy all the day

And his great big smile

will scare your cares away

Punky Pumpkin the happy pumpkin

never wears a frown

you can see that he’s cut out to be a clown

The candle light inside of him

makes his eyes light up and gleam

they shine right through the window at you

for a hap hap happy Halloween

Punky Pumpkin is a happy pumpkin

and do you know why?

Because he’s a jack o lantern

instead of being a pumpkin pie.

Found on “The White Cat” on the 16 August 1952 “Let’s Pretend” radio show.  You can listen to it here.  Look for the “White Cat” program and after you download it, the song is at the end of the program.