Just having fun

My uniformAdrian wants to play too!

I am doing  Soccer, (more like learning Soccer) and it is lloootsss of fun. I have wanted to play for awhile.  Daddy knows how to play Soccer–bare foot!  Mama does not even play.

I have been passing to Adrian who throws it back 🙂 .

The hardest thing is staying with the ball.  Last night  was my first practice with shin guards.  I had more fun last night because I was not afraid of getting kicked in the shin.

If you want to see me play my games are all on Saturdays.
All my games are at Northside Church of the Nazarene Church at 9:00 a.m.  Here is my Soccer Game Schedule, home games are in blue :

18 April     Field 5                        25 April      Field 6

  2 May     Field 4                           9 May       Field 4

16 May      Field 4                        30 May        Field 5

  6 June     Field 4                         13 June       Field 5

Field  5 is middle next to the parking lot

Field  6 is Right from the parking lot

Field 4 is left  from the parking lot

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