For math today I learned abuot surveys

  • What do you like most;
  1. milk chocolate
  2. dark chocolate
  3. white chocolate
  4. don’t know
  • Would you rather ;
  1. have a picnic
  2. go out to eat
  3. eat at home
  • When you go out to eat do you eat at
  1. McDonald’s
  2. an Asian restaurant
  3. a really Fancy restaurant
  4. other
  • What do you pack when you have a picnic
  1. peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  2. hot dogs
  3. salami sandwich
  4. other
  • Do you like
  1. bread
  2. meat
  3. salad
  4. other

P.S. From Adrian do you like Tigger?

  1. yes
  2. no

9 thoughts on “Math”

  1. I like dark chocolate the best, having a picnic, prefer Asian (Indian) when I go out to eat, we pack “other” for picnics, and I like bread, meat, salad and lots of other things! And yes, I do like Tigger!

    Hope you have a good response on your survey.

  2. 1. I don’t know
    2. Go out to eat
    3. A really Fancy restaurant (like Applebees)
    4. Other, bananas, pineapple maybe, some apples.
    5. All of them, but salad the best
    6. Yes

  3. A. I don’t know, Yum 🙂
    B. Out to picnic (at the park)
    C. McDonalds with Oma; Usually other (Pizza with Grandma and Grandpa) Cold Stone with Daddy.
    D. Peanut butter and jelly
    E. Bread! Bread with cheese on it!
    F. Giggle giggle, Yes, kind of. I like Kanga better.

  4. Nana and Papa like all kinds of Chocolate but
    A. dark best,
    B. when it is nice out picnics are fun,
    C.we also like different places when we go out so other would be the answer

  5. Lets do this again
    A. Dark Chocolate
    B. Picnics
    C. Other (different kinds of resturants)
    D. Other No Peanut Butter, lunch meats and Pastys
    E. Other, all of the above but Saffron Bread best
    F. Trigger was a good horse, but so was Champion and Topper just to name a couple of others, or are you talking about Pooh’s friend? And we like him when he isn’t bouncing so much.

  6. For those of us to young to know, Topper is Hopalong Cassidy’s horse. Gene Autry owned Champion. Now the next question is, who are they 🙂

    Is the “Your are my Sonshine” Gene Autry recorded the one we know? He also sang “Here comes Santa Claus”, “Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer”, “Peter Cottontail” and “Frosty the Snowman”.

  7. 1. I like Dark Chocolate
    2. A picnic (when it is nice)
    3. An Asian restaurant
    4. What I pack depends on who is coming. For myself, it would be Other.
    5. Salad the best. The other things could be added to the salad.
    P. S. I like Tigger and I really love little boys who like Tigger!

  8. 2. dark chocolate

    1. have a picnic

    1. McDonald’s

    4. other

    2. meat

    P.S. From Adrian do you like Tigger?

    1. yes

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