Snow! Finally!

SnowmanWhat is this? It is not rain! It does not look like “snrain”, it must be SNOW! Snow at last! Roll roll roll, pack pack pack! A snowman! Ta da! I made it with a bit of help from my sisters!

Scrunch scrunch scrunch! Up the hill we go.Snowsledding with Daddy

Wee, swoosh! Swish, that was fun!Sledding

“All right, which one should I use now?” Adrian got to sled downhill for hisAdrian first real time! Here he is choosing a sled first. Now he is sledding with Daddy. It was fun until they stopped and he felt the snow on his face. Then he went “waa!” Adrian

Andrea enjoying the snow

Shwoosh! Scrunch, up the hill I go. Andrea was very fast all by herself this year.

Ufff… I’m not a very good snowboarder, yet! I like snowboarding but then I have this problem with “ufff..” I fall down!
Learning to snowboard

Here is Auntie Kristi pushing down Casteel and Audrey. Down the hill, we go! In the middle the sled went “Eeeee”… and stopped short. But they had fun.

With Auntie Kristi

I would like some more snow, and some more– “uufff”– snowboarding time this winter!

6 thoughts on “Snow! Finally!”

  1. Mark, I had a lot of fun sledding with you! That is a fun reason to work from home and homeschool, we can go out during the week day while most of the kids are in a classroom and we can have fun on the slopes!

  2. It sounds like you had lots of fun. I think I would like to do a little sledding. I do like it warmer than it was yesterday though! I like your snowman. I thought it was a snowduck when I first saw it. He is cute!

    Hugs and kisses to you and your sisters and brother.

  3. Looks like your snowman got impaled with something. What happened to your poor snowman? He has a spear through him!

  4. Hi Mark! We’ve made a really cool snowfort-but we’ve not exactly made a snowman,yet, like you did. I like how you put the stuff about how you talk at the end of your pictures “uhfff”. I really liked racing with you and Chase. We really had a good time. It was so cool that you and Chase had the same sled. I remember sledding down with you (I think) and we were going for a tree-we started to turn, then I went in a hole.And while we were there-I had to go in to get hotchocolate-then later some marshmellow’s-mmmmmmm-it was goood! (Thanks mom) Did you go into the warming house for hot choc. or cookies? I know I saw you snowboarding with Reece. I really liked sledding with you. I hope we can do it again this winter. That’s all for now-Bye! Cardin

    Howdy Mark! I liked snowboarding with you. I’m pretty good and you are too. I liked seeing you make it all the way. I ate 3 brownies and 3 marshmellow’s (my mom didn’t know that until now). Yum Yum they were good. Wamp Bam! That’s jumping off the snowboard. See you later. Bye!

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