Redoubt Transformed

Almost ready to comeOn Monday, Redoubt got out of her chrysalis!  She emerged around 11:30.  All of the other ones emerged earlier so we thought she was slow.  Esther, Georgie and Aunt Gerry came to see her emerge.  Esther saw the last half, but everybody else was in the car!

Redoubt is starting to emerge!

Almost out!

Still working

After she emerged, we went to the Bookworm and Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They were having a party for Great Grandma.Redoubt the Butterfly!

Stretching some more

Wings almost dry

When we got home we fed her and gently took her out back where we have some flowers.  Then we let her free.  She landed on one of the flowers and then flittered away to a tree. We all yelled, “Goodbye Redoubt!”.

Feeding Redoubt

America should emerge next week, and the little caterpillar is growing.

Redoubt set free

Enjoy the pictures!

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