poppoppop Popcorn!

Popcorn!I am selling popcorn for Scouts.   We use the money for lots of different things like  camping and badges.

My pack wants me to sell a certain amount for the pack’s needs.  After I sell that amount, I  get a personal account where I get a small amount for camps.   If I sell a lot of popcorn, I may not have to pay for camp all year!  If I sell a LLLLOOOOOOTTTT of popcorn, I get a college fund set up for me.

There are lots of different kinds of popcorn.  My favorite kind is the chocolate one.  They also have microwave ones in butter, butter light, also kettle corn (microwave), and three kinds of Carmel corn.   There is also pop corn kernels (that you have to order on line).

Some of the popcorn we brought home.

I like the 5 Way chocolate tin.  I also like the Cheese corn.  Andrea says she likes the chocolate popcorn and chocolate pretzels and the cheese corn.  Audrey likes the chocolate pretzels and all the microwave ones.   Adrian likes the sweet microwave one and all of them.  Momma likes the caramel corn with almonds, pecans, and cashews.  Daddy wants to try the trail mix.

If you want to order some you can e-mail me, or I hope to post an order form soon.  We brought all the different popcorns home and if you want some, we have all of them right now.

Did you know that trans -fat is not in Trail’s End Scout popcorn?

Did you know that the popcorn in many stores are seconds?  Trail’s End popcorn isn’t and it is the BEST!  Not only does it taste good, it helps Scouts do fun things!

Did you know that Trail’s End Microwave popcorn is only $1 for a pack of yummy microwave popcorn?  Except for the Kettle Corn, it costs a little more.

I’m hoping to get to a high enough level to get a gift card to get a camera that I want.   I have been saving up for one for a long time!