Order Popcorn, help send me to camp

Remember yesterday I said that you could order popcorn on line?  And that I would post an order form?  Here is it.   Be careful not to make mistakes because once you  submit it, you can’t change it

If you would like to order popcorn on line, go to OrderPopcorn.com.  On the right side of the page there are two banners, one red and one blue.  Type in TEPG7JS on the red “enter order key”.   When you press go, you will see that it says “Thank you for supporting Mark M”.

You can order popcorn from OrderPopcorn.com and I get credit for it.  You will have to pay shipping though.  The popcorn will go straight to your house!

If you are local, you can order it directly from me and save money from shipping!  You can call me or add a comment below.

Please order some popcorn so that I can hopefully get to camp this year free!  Thank you!

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