Nov 1- Hlane park

We went to Hlane National park today!

We saw a lot of animals.


4 thoughts on “Nov 1- Hlane park”

  1. Boy Mark, very happy you got to see all these animals, lots different than at a zoo here in the States. Looks like your trip is going pretty good, working on transmitters and all. Love you Nana and Papa

  2. I really like the giraffe picture! All of the pictures are good though. I am glad you get to see so many of God’s creation–not in a zoo! I can see you wishing for a better camera though 🙂

  3. Hi Mark, I very much would like a copy of the very top photo. I think it is so typical of Swaziland , especially when we first came there.


  4. Happy Birthday Mark.
    We sure miss you around here– but you are having an amazing time. The wild life photos are great. What adventures do you have planned this week?
    I am leaving for California Wednesday early morning and returning the following Tuesday. We’ve been preparing for cold, winter weather — heater buckets are plugged in, heat lamps plugged in, all hoses disconnected.

    Have a fun birthday !!!

    The Beer’s

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