!!!New Crea!!!

Today, our neighbor was at home. She heard the dogs going crazy! She went outside to see what was going on and she saw one of the alpacas having her crea! The mom was TIRED so she lay down and our neighbor came over and had to help a little bit.

Then she called us and I ran over.  I got there and our neighbor said she called the vet because the crea was looking redder than the other ones. When Momma and the other kids got there we brought the crea and her momma in. She was bigger than the other ones. She is slightly smaller than Wicket who is a month old now! We checked her out as well as we knew how. She looked mostly okay to us.

The vet came and she checked the crea and the mom out and said they were fine.

I was slightly disappointed that I missed the birth, but was very excited to see such a young one.

Andrea got to name the crea, her name is Luminara.

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