Look what I made!

I started by cutting out the material. I used a pattern. We had to make the pattern longer. Momma was wanting to use the material for pajamas for Daddy but there wasn’t enough. “Can I have it? I want to learn to sew anyway!” Momma said “Ok” 🙂

Then I had to learn to make straight seams. Sorry no pictures of the cutting or learning to cut straight seams. My first ones looked like (yuck!) zig zags. The last ones where straight straight straight! Well, not that straight. There were not many wiggles.

I learned to sew on Mama’s sewing machine Using Momma’s machine

At first, I really made mistakes!! mistakes!! mistakes!! mistakes!! Tearing out mistakes

Here I am sewing (on oma’s machine) Sewing on Oma’s machine Now I am putting in elastic. Wow! That was quicker than I thought. Momma showed me a secret that I am not going to tell about getting the elastic done quicker.Putting in the elastic


Modeling what I made!

I wanted to do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked it! “Momma, can I make

a quilt now?”

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  1. Good job Mark, not a bad idea to know how to sew, there will be times now one else will be around to do it for you.

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