Ice Candles

Audrey says today is “Leap Year Day!” It is special because it only comes once every four years. Grandpa says that “girls can ask if a boy will marry her”. But why on Leap Year Day only? Why, can you tell me?

A couple of days ago we made ice candles. It is easy to make ice candles.Candle

We got a bucket and a disposable plastic cup. We filled the bucket one third full of water. Then we put some rocks in the cup and made sure it sunk to the bottom of the container. The cup has to have the bottom of it at the bottom of the bucket so that it can come out easier.

Momma’s favoritePut them outside, or you can cheat and put them in the freezer. Wait until they are solid ice. Take them out. If you can’t take the cup out, put some hot water in the cup and it should come out immediately. (Don’t dump the cold water on the front steps because it will get icey!)

Then you can put votive or tea light candles in the ice candle hole and burn them outside on snow or the cold ground.

They are beautiful!

Candle line up!

6 thoughts on “Ice Candles”

  1. Mark, if a year is not a Leap Year, do you know what it is called? Also, why do they put an extra day every four years?

    The ice candles were so pretty last night. Thank you for helping to make them.

  2. Momma, I don’t know what it is called if it is not a Leap Year.

    Leap year is every four years because every year there is a quarter of a day missing. Four quarters equals one whole day! Eventually March could be in August and August could be in March!


  3. I love your candles. They really look pretty.

    Do you know that there was no Leap Year Day in the year 2000? Do you know why? I have a cousin who had a birthday today. She was born before me, but hasn’t had as many birthdays!!??

    I love you lots,

  4. St. Bridget’s Complaint
    It is believed this tradition was started in 5th century Ireland when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about women having to wait for so long for a man to propose. According to legend, St. Patrick said the yearning females could propose on this one day in February during the leap year.

    Everything to do with Traditions items.
    Folks assumed that traditions would also have no status on that day. It was also reasoned that since the leap year day existed to fix a problem in the calendar, it could also be used to fix an old and unjust custom that only let men propose marriage.
    The first documentation of this practice dates back to 1288, when Scotland passed a law that allowed women to propose marriage to the man of their choice in that year. They also made it law that any man who declined a proposal in a leap year must pay a fine. The fine could range from a kiss to payment for a silk dress or a pair of gloves.

    Sadie Hawkins Day
    In the United States, some people have referred to this date as Sadie Hawkins Day with women being given the right to run after unmarried men to propose.
    Sadie Hawkins was a female character in the Al Capp cartoon strip Li’l Abner. Many communities prefer to celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day in November which is when Al Capp first mentioned Sadie Hawkins Day.

    Greek Superstition
    There is a Greek superstition that claims couples have bad luck if they marry during a leap year. Apparently one in five engaged couples in Greece will avoid planning their wedding during a leap year.

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