Hula Hoop Contest

When we were at the Kalahari,  Daddy treated us to a restaurant called The Reserve.  They had contests, like picture drawing. Everyone got a prize.

There was also a Limbo Contest.  Megan would have been good at it if she wold not go on her hands.

There was a Hula Hoop Contest. Audrey and I tied, so we had to have a tie breaker. I won and Audrey got second place!  The prize was a “game card” for the “noisy-obnoxious-why-do-they- have- it” arcade and a cows tail. We did bowling for the game. It was the only thing that was not noisy or obnoxious and it was the one thing we were allowed to do. It was fun.

One thought on “Hula Hoop Contest”

  1. It was fun watching you and Audrey “battle it out”. I had no idea that the two of you were such good hula hoopers! Thanks for sharing your card to go bowling. What a fun way to share your prize.

    I love you lots!

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