Daring Momma

The other day Momma, Audrey, Adrian and Megan came to see the Alpacas while Andrea and I worked.

When we feed the Alpacas, we take Queen Amidala and Ruby Tuesday out to get some exercise. We took them out the easiest way; that is to carry Queen Amidala!

Before we went  back in,  I dared Mommy to hold Queen Amidala.  Momma does not usually hold animals. She said she would if she had her camera. So Momma ran home to get her camera and we took some pictures.

Then I took the alpacas in. Before I brought “the Queen” in to her stall, I gave her to Momma! Momma thought Queen was soft.

2 thoughts on “Daring Momma”

  1. Aunty Joyce, you look like you’re doing an advertisement for a new stuffed toy….! great photo! Happy Mothers Day when it comes!

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