Bragging about Andrea

Andrea at balletAndrea learned to tie her shoe! She learned today, Tuesday the 13th of March!

She has to learn to tie her shoes before Momma lets her go into first grade. She also has to learn her phone number and address.

This is what Andrea says about tying her shoe:

It was hard to tie my shoe. I had to practice lots and lots. My Daddy said “my kids are getting big”, when I was on the phone to tell him. I am glad that I can tie my shoe. I am going to work on my phone number and alphabet next!

I kind of miss her being little like Audrey, but I am glad she is getting bigger.  She is getting closer to first grade, so she can do harder things.  I am proud of  her!

Here is how she ties her shoes. Movie of Andrea Tying shoes (1MB wmv)

2 thoughts on “Bragging about Andrea”

  1. Good job, Andrea!! That’s a nice story about Andrea, Mark. I really like watching Andrea tie her shoes and hearing Adrian laugh in the background.

    Hugs and kisses all around.

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