Bobcat Surprise!

Learning how it worksLearning to driveToday after the soccer game, Grandpa took Audrey and me home with him to pick some stuff up.  Mr Jason and his dad were finishing working on Grandpa’s driveway.

Grandpa asked Mr. Jason if  I could ride in the bobcat, and Mr. Jason said why can’t he drive it?  So he taught me how to drive a bobcat and I even got to drive it by myself back to Mr. Jason’s house.

It was lots and lots and lots and lots and a couple more lots of fun.  Oh, I forgot to put another lot in.  I WANT to do it again.

Grandpa took a couple of pictures, and here they are.

Driving Mr. Jason home

Working hard.Picking up scoop by myself!

P.S.  I will tell you about my soccer game next week!

3 thoughts on “Bobcat Surprise!”

  1. Jason’s dad Stan Skinner was at the house helping when we got there and he enjoyed it as much as Jason and Mark. I am really happy that we were there in time to get the driving lessons and Mark even drove on the street back to Jason’s house. The grins made my day…….

  2. It sounds like you had lots of fun. Now if we ever need a bobcat, we know where to get a driver.:-)

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