Macaw eating seeds

Petting parrots
One of the parrotsWe went to Nature Nuts and learned about birds. We saw a Senegal Parrot, an Amazon parrot, a macaw, some parakeets, Zebra Finches and one Finch she did not remember what kind it was.

You can tell a boy parakeet from a girl parakeet (on certain kinds) by the blue on his beak by his nose. If it is blue, it is a boy. The girls are white on certain kinds. It is considered an extra small parrot because of its beak. If it has a beak that looks like a parrot, it is considered a parrot!

Reading to classI had lots of fun there. I read a story. I think it was called “Who Made the Morning?” A little bird was looking to see who made this beautiful morning. He discovered God did! Then he went to discover where God lives. He learned God does not live anywhere, He is EVERYWHERE! IPirate Mark did pretty good except I got quiet every so often. Momma said that I need to learn to TALK LOUDER when I am reading.

I held one of the parrots (the Senegal). Miss Krista said I was a genuine pirate!

“Feeding” ChickadeesWhen we went outside, I tried to feed some Chickadees. Hand feed! IChickadee, a curious bird! stayed as still as I could, held out my hand with some food in it and went “st ts st”. Chickadees are very curious birds. If you do that long enough, they probably will eat out of your hand. But, they didn’t this time!Feeding Macaw

I fed the Macaw inside. It was fun. When I first tried it, it was a little scary. They are huge birds. They are strong too. This one bent the bars of one of its cages. His owner tried to bend it back, but she couldn’t.

A leaf footed shield bug

We always help clean up after class.

Momma’s getting brave!

4 thoughts on “Birds!”

  1. Mark,
    That was a very informative blog. Is your mom a pirate too, because she has 2 birds on her shoulders. Be careful, she might make you swab the deck or the kitchen floor. 🙂
    I see she’s already making Adrian sweep the floors. 😀

  2. Speaking of birds… What kind of bird is a Turducken? Also, on the radio this afternoon they were trying to find out what kind of bird Big Bird is. Do you know?

  3. Uncle Sam; A Turducen is a traditional duck insides!

    Wrong 🙂 It is a turkey duck chicken all put together. It tastes great! Thanks for making some.

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